Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More Freebies!

I have an announcement!  There will now be more freebies on the Teachers Like Freebies blog!

I've needed to better prioritize, and free up some time for more important things.  My other blog, Teaching Tidbits and Treats, was just not getting the traffic needed to justify the time and effort. With a little bit of regret, I've decided to close my that blog.  As a result, all the freebies that I normally would have posted to that blog, will now be part of the Teachers Like Freebies blog!  They will be posted occasionally, in between my regular Sunday posts!

The first one I want to post is below.  I just finished up a new "print and go" activities pack for Halloween. I thought I'd share a page with you, as a sneak peak! To be able to print it out, just right click on the worksheet, then select "open in new window". You should be able to print it from there. Or you can simply copy the image and save it on your computer to print. The Halloween pack is best suited for 2nd and 3rd graders, and will reinforce many Common Core State Standards. I created this pack to make it easier to enjoy the holiday, instead having to use all your precious time to come up with holiday related materials and activities. Enjoy the freebie! If you like it and would like to check out the other eleven activities, just click on the product link below the freebie!

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